The Teatrio Cultural Association is pleased to give notice of a new initiative concerning the promotion of famous illustrators and young artists, through the publication of their works in our website, so as to be known by the world of the Italian and foreign publishing trade.

You might dispose of a webpage where it is published your photo, your biography, a short mention on the used tecniques, eventual titles of the books you have already published and the name of their publishing houses, a selection of six illustrations and your e-mail address, so as to be contacted
by the editors directly.

The project has been articulated in order to let the publishers and the various clients (art directors of reviews, newspapers, magazines,advertising etc...) recognize your specific tecniqual ability and your versatility
quickly, through a precise classification of the works.

Besides the opportunity of displaying your works in our website, it will be organized a virtual exhibition, completed with texts of experts in this field and an essay on your works.

This virtual exhibition are going to give activity to the visit either out of experts or interested people on this wonderful world.

The virtual exhibition will be changed every six months, with new works and illustrated stories.

With this project the
Teatrio Cultural Association undertakes to give a service through which it will be possible to obtain new, real work opportunity in the field of illustration and graphic design, which can be evaluated by anyone is interested in participating, directly from her/his own house or office. Of course we don't want to exclude the ones who do not have familiarity with the use of computer. Consequently the Teatrio Association will certantely help each participant in making the management of his/her own space at its best, also through the help of a technician at his/her own disposal, either if the member prefers to insert  the material on her/his own or to take advantage of our Association.


General conditions
The access to the Teatrio community, put on hand of the users in the website, Teatrio-owned, headquartered in Venice (Italy), involves the acceptance of the present conditions.

In order to log onto
the Teatrio community it is obligatory to fill in the registration form.

The user can load one or more illustrations in his/her profile.

As a result of the
user's registration, it will be requested an e-mail account of the user and a password in order to enter the community.

At this point you'll be able to insert your personal photo, biography and works.
Please, remind that, before starting the procedure, it's easier if you have already saved the images in your computer, which must correspond to the following size measurements:

Personal photo: jpg format, 150 x 150 pixel, 72 dpi
Works: jpg format, larger side not less than 450 pixel and
not higher than 600 pixel, 72 dpi resolution

If you don't respect one of these parameters, you won't bring the loading of the image to a successful conclusion.

Teatrio reserves the right to cancel the account anytime, in case the personal data
introduced during the registration are not correct, wrong, or incomplete.

The aim of
the Teatrio community is to propose an overview of the world of illustration and a meeting point, to be able to exchange useful information, to express impressions on the illustrations, that are voted by the illustrators themselves.

Entering the Teatrio community, the user will be able to have use of the following services:
- to express his/her own opinion on the illustrations in voting;
- to vote the favourite illustration;
- to send his/her own illustrations;
- to be contacted by the other members of the community;
- to express his/her own opinions on the forum;
- to be informed about the promotions and the cultural activities of Teatrio;
- to allow the user to manage her/his own profile;
- to receive the newsletters of Teatrio;
- to send to Teatrio photos and videos of illustrations (the best ones will be introduced in the site).

It is required to make an exclusive use and mostly personal and not commercial.

The access to
the Teatrio community is free and opened to anyone.

The aim of Teatrio is that one to create a site where the illustrators can interact.
Every user will have the chance to communicate to Teatrio a not suitable behavior of another user.
Teatrio will take internal signals into account and will value the eventual suspension or cancellation of the marked user.
The contents of the site
introduced by Teatrio are Teatrio's exclusive property and the material published inside of the site is to be considered protected by copyright.

Every user will be able to ask for the cancellation of the account and his/her personal data
The transmitted personal data will be managed according with the Italian law 196/2003.
The registration implies the complete acceptance of the rules and management of the personal data.

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